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I’m buying by myself

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I’m buying with someone

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The prequalification amount we will be giving you is intended to accelerate the initial phase of your home buying process. Based on the personal information you will provide through our questionnaire, it simply gives you a good idea of how much you can afford when purchasing a property. Since we are mortgage brokers and we have access to multiple lenders, we apply our knowledge to this calculator and are able to give you the best estimate of what amount would be available to you.

Since getting a mortgage loan is not the easiest of exercise and that there are many products available, we encourage you to speak to one of our mortgage experts to get the full picture. The prequalification cannot be considered as a pre-approval on a loan. For this, a meeting with a Mortgage Broker is required. At the end of this exercise, one of our brokers will reach out to you.

Have your personal information at hand

To be able to identify you and evaluate your situation properly, gather your personal and financial information before you start.

Make sure your co-borrower is with you!

If you are buying with someone, make sure your co-borrower is near you. In order to complete the process, we will need know about him too.

Don’t worry, your credit score won’t be affected

Rest assured that this request will have no negative effect on your credit score, it only serves to give you the most precise amount possible.

Stay tuned!

To help you finalize your application, one of our experienced mortgage brokers will contact you shortly after you complete the form.